Beam me up Scotty…
Ο Λινουξάς ο πρώην Windowsάς και ο Τρέκκι.

Hello world!

Shields up !
Torpedoes away !


4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Άντε κάπτεεεεεεεεν… καλά το πας 😀

    You will be assimilated!… Resistance is futile!

  2. Resistance, is not futile !

  3. χεχε… but you ARE aissimilated κάπτεεεεεν 😀

  4. Assimiliation is not futile.
    Only a necessity.
    I can only hope that I will keep up with my thoughts.

    ΥΓ. Τι το θέλω το εγγλέζικο ;;; 🙂

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